Logo competition

Fabric printing

A beautiful embroidery, not just a decoration… A story, a symbol, coded information… An illustration of our ancestors’` spirit and strive for beauty…

Bulgarian national embroidery is traditionally embroidered not printed. We made a special design for our embroideries. A stamp designer made our embroideries. We used special paints to decorate T-shirts with our patterns.



Ritm show

The children from the target group



Our students visited the theater and saw a Japanese style play with original dolls. Later they discussed the story with the actors.

Fairy tales

Bulgarian fairy tail –
“The Three Brothers and the Golden Apple”



Our illustrations

Italian fairy tail – “Cristalda and Pizzomunno’s legend”

The children from our target group enjoyed listening to the Italian fairy tail very much. They drew and colored beautiful pictures to illustrate it.

Portuguese fairy tail – “The Rooster of Barcelos”

The students from Bulgaria have already learned the Portuguese fairy tail enjoying the moments of drawing pictures.

Lithuanian fairy tail – “Eglė the Queen of Serpents”

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