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We have realized these works with stencils.

This technique is very simple and allows several creative possibilities especially if you want to repeat the pattern in exactly the same way or with slight variations (in compositions and colours).

The material you need is:

  • cloth support previously washed or ironed
  • fabric paint
  • sponges or stencilling brushes
  • stiff cardboard to avoid that colour may stain the other end of the cloth
  • cardboard or acetate stencil

 Cut out the shape in the cardboard or acetate using a cutter.

You’ll get a positive and a negative side (the stencil).

Secure firmly the stencil on the cloth. You can use two pins.*

Insert the stiff cardboard between the cloth you have to paint and the surface you have to protect.

Apply the paint inside the cut shape.  Just tap on the design. You’ll get the reproduction of the shape in colour on the fabric.

Lift the stencil from the cloth with a resolute upward movement. It’s essential to get precise outlines without imperfections.

Clean  the stencil carefully before using it again.

Both with stamps and stencils you can realize decorations based on repetitive patterns up to the whole size of the cloth with interplay of colours, different shapes and superimpositions.


*Pin the stencil on the cloth.


THE THIRD MOBILITY: THE ITALIAN TALE: “Cristalda and Pizzomunno’s legend”


A long time ago, Vieste was just a small seaside village, with few huts inhabited by fishermen. A handsome young fisherman named Pizzomunno and a sweet young girl, whose name was Cristalda, lived in this village.

The two fell madly in love, but all the  women living in the village were in love with the young boy, too.  Every day, at dusk, Pizzolungo left Vieste, to head off the sea of ​​the Gargano.

During the night the young man was continually  seduced and enthralled by evil sirens, madly in love with him. But Pizzomunno was already in love with Cristalda, the most beautiful girl in the village with long sun-kissed blond hair.

The two lovers loved each other deeply, and Pizzomunno was faithful to his Cristalda even when  the sirens tried to flatter him: they promised him they would become his slaves,they would fulfill all his wishes if only he accepted to follow them.

But the young man always refused.  Every time, the man succeeded in resisting the sirens’ charm, remaining faithful to his Cristalda. Unfortunately, one day while Cristalda was waiting for her lover’s return by the beach, the dangerous sirens, envious of the sincere love between the two, kidnapped  and dragged the beautiful girl to the bottom of the sea forever.

Shattered by grief,  Pizzomunno kept still, in front of the sea, hoping to see his beloved again, and slowly he turned into a rock.

The two young lovers’ pain   struck the sirens so much that they granted the two   the permission to meet again, for one night only, every 100 years.
And so every 100 years and just for one night, the two lovers meet on the beach. At sunrise, the mermaids return to carry Cristalda away, dragging her back to the bottom of the sea; while  Pizzomunno returns to be a white limestone  giant waiting for his love, kidnapped and that didn’t return any more”.


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