Mobility meeting C5


Tuesday, April 20th

“Travelling around Europe” – computer game

The game “Travelling around Europe” is created by the team from the “I have the power” project, Erazmus+ program. The game contains 60 questions representing each of the partners’ countries. The questions appear in random order.

Wednesday, April 21st

PADLET – Painting on a wall


Thursday, April 22nd

A virtual tour around Sofia

Bulgarian crafts and traditions – a virtual tour

The documentary about Bulgarian traditional crafts shows the rich heritage of old traditions and modern attitudes. Pottery, blacksmithing, woodcarving, making carpets, clothes with embroidery, building houses, producing furniture, using natural materials are typical for Bulgarian country in the past. Variety comes out of the beautiful colours, shapes and patterns, typically used by Bulgarian masters.

Students learnt about some typical traditional Bulgarian dishes like “tarator”, “musaka”, “kebapche”, “kyufte”, “banica”. Some seasonal traditions from Bulgaria like celebrating Christmas with “Koledari” boys singing blessings for health, happiness and prosperity, The ice “horo” dance in the freezing river waters during St. Jordan’s day, “Kukery” dances, Baba Marta and exchanging “martenitsas”, Fire dances with “Nestinary”.

Students could see typical Bulgarian towns with the unique atmosphere of the olden days. Tryavna and Etura still keep this special feeling of hospitality and friendly welcoming.

The participants enjoyed Bulgarian music and beautiful folk costumes.

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