School No. 2 Brasov is a comprehensive school. It was founded in 1967.Our school has a multicultural dimension.There are 106 staff members and 1458 pupils with ages between 6 and 15.

About 10% of them are Hungarians. There is a small number of students of Turkish, German, Jordanian and a reduced number of students with special needs. Our pupils study English, German and French as foreign languages.

The multicultural aspect of our school is given by the mixture of nationalities and different cultural background of our students.The slogan of our school is: „our school – a school for all, a school for every student”.

Our main goal is to prepare students to face a globalized and computerized society and to fully develop their skills. Projects developed in our school: Comenius-Regio, Eco-School, European Citizens, Journalist for a day-journalist for a lifetime, National Strategy for Community Activities, National Drama Festival: „A child’s Smile”, Culture, Civilization, Community, TV2BV. The school from Brasov is the only school in Romania which has a TV studio and online press.

The educational projects and partnerships we run in our school are meant to turn our pupils into responsible, active and dedicated future citizens. Other important values promoted in our school are tolerance, respect towards law, people, European and national cultural treasures besides a harmonious physical development. In our school there are pupils who have become national or international champions in karate, figure skating, gymnastics, handball, sports dancing, pop music and also in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and others.

There are winners in national contests of Ecology, media products, Literature and Art, too. Parents, teachers and students develop together charity and ecological campaigns for the local community.


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