Our school is a public, non profit Secondary School.It is located in Yenimahalle district of Ankara.It started to its educational period in 1957.Last year the Ministry of Education decided to build new school buildings.We are continuing to our educational period temporarily in another school’s small building. Next year we will have new school buildings with many social and functional opportunities.There are about 650 students, 50 teachers, one headmaster and two vice-masters. Inour new school there will be 24 classrooms,one workshop room,one special room for mentally disabled students of different ages, a multifunctional hall, an ICT room, a science lab ,a library, but no sports hall,There are 12 SEN students,2 of them are autistic, 4 light mentally disabled and 6 inclusive students at our school and they have 4 professional special needs teachers.But the numberof SEN students change each year.We have also two school counsellors trying to help the students and their parents and a parents’ association.Our school is well-known for its academical success in this district. Our students take part in many scientific, sportive and social projects and activities in which they get many awards and degrees.With these activities our school aims to contribute our students’ mental and physical developments.We are running an Erasmus+KA219 project, called NEVER GIVE UP. In this project our priorities are the students having similar problems; motherless or fatherless children, the children whose parents are divorced, intravorted students who have antisocial personality disorders.Our aim is to help them to be a part of the society and to raise them to the level of their peers and to teach these disadvantaged students necessary abilities of living, to support them academically and especially to eliminate their social deficiencies while socializing them and support their sustainable lifelong learning process and to avoid these children from early dropout of school.Now in this project ”I HAVE THE POWER” we have a very motivated team to develop our school and making a good project.The project team consists of a language , a science, a PE, an art, a music,four special education teachers.The teacher of English,( contact person) has the necessary experience and ability to run this project successfully.The science teacher, the P.E. and the art teachers are very experienced about the EU projects so they will guide the other teachers in the project team. The special need teachers have no experience with EU projects but very enthusiastic and have many innovative teaching methods to contribute to this Project. The headmaster and nearly all of the school staff will be very helpful and provide any kind of support in order to implement and disseminate this project both through the project period and after.

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